ACF Sarasota Bay Chef's Association

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Your local chapter of the American Culinary Federation aims to keep our members up to date on the latest industry trends, promote networking amoung industry professionals and continuously educate our members on our craft.

We hope you will join us on the 2nd Monday of each month at 3:30pm for our monthly meetings. Please check our meeting page for meeting dates and details. 

Welcome to the American Culinary Federation, Sarasota Bay Chef's Association homepage. "The American Culinary Federation, Inc. (ACF), a professional, organization for chefs and cooks, was founded in 1929 in New York City by three chefs? organizations: the Society Culinaire Philanthropique, the Vatel Club and the Chefs de Cuisine Association of America. Since our inception, little has changed in our principal goals. We are an organization based on promoting the professional image of American chefs worldwide through education of culinarians at all levels." (

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